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Color Breathing

What is color breathing? It is a form of restorative meditation which involves breathing in color to bring healing throughout the body based on the frequency of the color. Any color will do if it brings you comfort but many choose to envision colors such as blue, green, purple or yellow. Light, color, sound and energy all hold different and detectable frequencies that can be manipulated, and so do our bodies! Chakras are energetic points that align with the spine of the physical body and correspond with various nerves and organ systems of the body. In Eastern medicine it is believed that chakras can become blocked leading to manifestations of distress and dis-ease when energy is attempting to flow through the pathways between these points. Therefore unblocking or "opening" the chakras can lead to a reduction in disease and bring on healing in that particular part of the body. Anyone of any age can participate in this emotional and mental regulation therapy by simply envisioning these colors and frequencies.

If you are interested in bringing this wellness technique into your home consider the following steps. In my personal practice I find a comfortable place to sit, either cross legged on my bed or leaning back in a chair. I close the doors and turn off electronics to drown out distractions, and envision the chakra system and how it aligns with different parts of my physical body. While sitting with my eyes closed I begin to visualize my connection between earth and ether. My connection begins as a warm white light and I can envision that light growing within my body as a take slow, deep, breaths in through my nose and blow gently from my mouth.

Participating in a meditation can be hard for some folks, sitting still and breathing for 5 minutes doesnt feel productive and I believe that is a big part of the programing we experience in this world. However in this community we believe that Rest is Resistance and by taking an active approach to our health we are making a radical act of selflove, selfcare, and resistance to burn out. Like to learn more about color breathing? Comment below! I love to hear from our community and your feedback helps us all.


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