Sarah Foster is a starseed, intuitive, Transformational Coach who resides in Central Florida. She loves to laugh, sing, eat, & fill those around her with light. Her goal is to guide her clients into freely living their true pleasure and purpose in life.

Using intuitive & practical techniques Sarah utilizes her experience in homeopathy, behavior modification, & aromatherapy to develop results driven plans for each sister seeking to destroy limiting beliefs, actions, & relationships that block our abundance.

Each of us has a reason we were brought to this earth. We were created with a divine purpose and by living in alignment with that purpose I believe we can reach the ultimate levels of wellness.  In many cultures it is believed that by living in this aligned state you are directly connected to The Creator thereby living in the never ending flow of abundance. Wouldn't you love to be abundantly healthy, wealthy, and blessed?!

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As a Transformational Coach I work with each Client to discover their unique lifestyle that allows them to live fully in alignment with their individual purpose. Results of each plan will be based on the client's level of commitment and participation, nothing is guaranteed but work.