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Finding Rest

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Finding rest is important period. However during pregnancy our bodies are doing so much more work that we may experience extra fatigue if we aren't intentional about establishing a balance between work and rest. Here are a few ways to rest mind, body, & spirit when you cant catch a nap.

Different types of rest:

Creative rest - if you’ve ever felt like you’re out of good ideas, stuck on a project, or experienced a creative block you’re likely to be creatively drained.

Mental rest - feeling split in several directions, easily distracted, overwhelmed, or like you can’t focus? You might need some mental rest.

Physical rest - can be either passive or active. Passive physical rest means time spent sleeping and/or napping. Active physical rest is any activity that improves your physical wellness.

Social rest - needing some "me" time or feeling "touched out" from loved ones might indicate the need for reduced social time.

Emotional rest - may not always be obvious however when emotions are needing a break you may find yourself feeling angry, easily saddened, or disconnected.

Sensory rest - the mild case of anxiety you feel when you get a notification on your phone indicates you’re experiencing that kind of sensory input round-the-clock and may need to unplug.

Spiritual rest - feelings of gloom, confusion, and rejection may indicate that you need some spiritual "grounding" to get back into your body.

Consider these different types of rest, try them out, see which one feels good.

Participating in various restful actives can have a restorative effect on our bodies which may allow us to better function in the lives we choose to live.


Sarah Foster is a Holistic Wellness Educator and Full Spectrum Doula in Altamonte Spring, FL that provides whole person wellness education along with a full spectrum of support for all birthing outcomes. This support includes providing thoughtful emotional, spiritual, and physical support before, during, and after pregnancy and pregnancy release. If you or someone you love are interested in support let's connect! I look forward to meeting you!


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