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Cottagecore raffle winner

Last month's Cottagecore Picnic in the Park with House of Rouse and Let's Talk with Sarah was a great success. We enjoyed a typically warm FL fall day with amazing Vendors, a cool breeze, lots of laughter, and great company like you!

Thank you to everyone who supported our Selfcare Sunday event and supported the important work of selfcare. Taking the time to nurture ourselves with healthy relationships, shared interests, yummy snacks, and warm sun is a great way to show yourself the love and compassion you deserve. When we nurture our hearts, minds, and spirit then our bodies are healthier for it. Did you know that laughing approximately100 times is equal to 15 mins on a stationary bike?

I hope you have an opportunity this week to laugh with those you love. Keep an eye out for upcoming Selfcare Sunday events!

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