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Join Tabata & Courtney: a talk about Spiritual Consumerism

5/10/22 at 7 PM EST

Topics Of Discussion Will Include:

The essence of the elements you use in rituals (earth, fire, water, ether, air)

Practicing spirituality is, also, everyday life chores

Walking your talk is spiritual work

Environmental Racism


Mining of Crystals

Getting to the Roots of things and Back to our Roots

Learn More About Tabata:

Learn More About Courtney:


Reproductive wellness is not only about fertility, pregnancy, and birth. Holistic reproductive wellness also empowers us to take control of our minds and bodies in a way that promotes overall wellness so we can choose if, when, and how to safely support a pregnancy. Are you ready to take this journey with me? Head over our Facebook group to join the discussions or message me for more information.

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