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Plant Medicine

Various plants have been consumed for wellness reasons over the centuries. These plants have delivered powerful medicine when taken internally by food or drink, by wearing, and sometimes smoking. Unlike the processed plants we consume in today's culture, these plants were intentionally cultivated for the health benefits they brought to the community. Today we have the opportunity to experience these healing herbs in similar ways. You don't have to be a vegetarian to receive the benefits of including plants in you're every day diet, enjoying herbal teas is one simple way and another is enjoying herbal smoke blends Kiah with Morefya Herbal Teas and Smoke Blend is an amazing herbalist that has created many delicious tea and smoke blends in the past but I think this one is especially special! Sacred Ceremony herbal smoke blend includes mullein and mugwort based with blue lotus, uva ursi and rubbed sage. Kiah says that this blend includes herbs that have been traditionally used in rituals and ceremonies throughout time by many different cultures for purification, sacrament, communication with ancestors and/or the spirit world and so much more.

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Sacred Ceremony was made with increasing spiritual awareness and aiding in enlightenment. Spiritual Properties: Mullein - Courage, Protection, Health, Drawing Love, Divination Mugwort - Strength , protection, healing, prophetic dreams Uva Ursi - Increase in capabilities Blue Lotus Flower - Used as a way to elevate and communicate with the Gods. Symbol of rebirth and life. Sage - Cleansing, wisdom, good luck, redemption, home blessing and longevity.


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