Herbal Studies: Fenugreek

The word “galactagogues” comes from the Greek “galacta,” meaning milk. That indicates that this plant has knowledge to share when it comes t

Herbal Studies: Nettle

The benefits of nettle are not just limited to pregnancy this powerful plant medicine can be a wonderful addition to any personal "farmacy"

Quick Chana Masala

I hope you enjoy this "clean eating" recipe as much as I did and if you make it please share a photo or comment! Tag me on IG @sunmoonnstars

Create Your Own Bath Fizzies

You can create your own bath fizzies at home using this recipe and inexpensive items that can be found at a local grocery store or health fo

Q&A w/Tabata Gerk Recording

helping us tap into our most basic and primal understandings of our connections to our mind , body, spirit, and earth.

Praying Sacred Pipe

we discussed what types of plants can be used for healing certain aliments, and we even discussed herbal healing for teens and young adults.

Plant Medicine

herbs that have been traditionally used in rituals and ceremonies throughout time by many different cultures for purification, sacrament, co

MoreFya Kiah

the owner and creator of MoreFya Herbal Teas and Smoke Blends. I am a self-taught herbalist, master gardener, former vegan chef and single m

Vajayjay Vacay!

Tranquility & Transformation A sensation for the sensuous senses utilizing the four elements for feminine empowerment.

Florida Water, Spirit Water

Florida water, which actually means "flowery water", is a unisex cologne first brought to the United States in 1808 by Robert I. Murray....


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