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Why do birth plans fail?

Earlier this month we discussed how to create your birth plan, what to include, and why its important for a positively memorable birth experience. I shared that a birth plan is one very important tool that helps us become informed and empowered to make choices about what we want and what we do not want throughout the birthing experience. This includes when, where, and how we want to give birth, how we want to curate our birthing space, and what we would like our babies to experience once they arrive earth side. Whether this is your first pregnancy or you are an experienced parent a birth plan can and should be used to communicate with everyone on your "birthing team" or those who will be involved in the birth process.

So how could this all powerful document fail to deliver a positively memorable birth experience? Consider that a birthing plan is only a valuable tool if we treat it as such. A recent episode from the Pregnancy Podcast covers topics to keep in mind when creating your birthing plan to increase the likelihood of its success.

Why would my birth plan fail?:

  • You didn't include your provider, Midwife, or Doula in creating the plan

  • Your provider is not aware of your birth plan (tip: they might not ask if you have one, speak up!)

  • Some requests may be unrealistic or incompatible with another request in your birth plan

  • Its too short or does not include enough detail

  • Its too long or includes too many details

  • The document tone is dismissive to the birth team / its not well received

  • Your partner or doula does not know your plan to advocate on your behalf

Interested in learning more about creating a successful birth plan? Join us June 8, 2022 for a live workshop to Create Your Birth Plan with Sarah. You can also listen to the podcast below.


Reproductive wellness is not only about fertility, pregnancy, and birth. Holistic reproductive wellness also empowers us to take control of our minds and bodies in a way that promotes overall wellness so we can choose if, when, and how to safely support a pregnancy. Are you ready to take this journey with me? Head over our Facebook group to join the discussions or message me for more information.

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