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Create Your Birth Plan

A birth plan is simply that, a plan that a pregnant person creates to plan or prepare for the birth of their child. These plans can be used with or without the aid of a Doula or Midwife but having a Doula advocate on your behalf for what you place into your birth plan is one extra way a Doula can help improve how you feel about your birthing experience.

Birthing plans often include a friendly introduction to the expectant parent and their birthing partner i.e. a romantic partner, friend, family member, doula, etc. They communicate what the individual would like to include or avoid during the birth experience and after their baby is born, in a clear and concise way, to ensure that the parent, not the medical professionals, are in charge of their personal experience as much as possible.

Why is this important? Because learning about and preparing for birth and what to expect empowers us to respond in ways that is comfortable and safe, feeling comfortable and safe during labor reduces the feeling of fear and anxiety and actually promotes the productivity of your contractions. Having this plan printed and easily available is a reminder to the parent, their partner, and any birth staff to utilize specific steps to help make this birthing the one you envisioned.

I have found that it is important to consider creating three birth plans for one birth. Plan A for your ideal envisioned birth, plan B should include preferred interventions in case of unplanned situations, and plan C should include preferences if Cesarean birth becomes necessary. If you already have a planned Cesarean section you'll only need one birthing plan and it can still include requests for comfort measures like music or low lights during the surgical procedure. We all wish for the best birthing experience possible and more times than not you will have the birth you prepared and planned for however unforeseen situations can cause us to have to shift and being prepared with plan B and plan C reinforces your empowered and autonomous birthing experience.

Keep in mind this document is a plan that YOU create! Have fun and get creative with curating a birthing experience that suits your life and remember that since you created the plan you can always change it any time you need. For more tips and tricks to create an easy to use birthing plan join us this Wednesday May 11th for a workshop on how to create your plan, what to include, when to create it and receive a free birth plan template.


Reproductive wellness is not only about fertility, pregnancy, and birth. Holistic reproductive wellness also empowers us to take control of our minds and bodies in a way that promotes overall wellness so we can choose if, when, and how to safely support a pregnancy. Are you ready to take this journey with me? Head over our Facebook group to join the discussions or message me for more information.

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