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Florida Water, Spirit Water

Florida water, which actually means "flowery water", is a unisex cologne first brought to the United States in 1808 by Robert I. Murray. The highly fragrant yet delicate herbal solution was used to freshen the body of men and women hoping to avoid offensive, overbearing, and unpleasant scents. Florida Water was also used in larger amounts as an aftershave, or to freshen linens, and brighten cleaning solutions for the home.

Florida Water is traditionally created using lavender, citrus oils, clove, and cinnamon (amongst other things) which are highly powerful plants in both medicine and folk magic. Each plant has been used, separately or together, in various healing tonics or spiritual practices for hundreds of years! Due to it's highly powerful cleansing attributes Florida Water became a versatile tool.

In the Southern United States around the 1900s, it is said that the enslaved Africans used Florida Water during the day to serve their masters using it to cleanse the home and at night, used the water in sacred rituals and traditions. Hidden away from the prying eyes of Christian slave owners, the African peoples were free to evoke their ancestral guides by using the allure of the spicy, citrus, and floral blend when other plants were no longer available to them.

Florida Water became widely used in both physical cleaning practices as well as to help anchor spiritual practices. This beautiful water is healing for the body and soul and can be recreated at home or purchased in the shop.

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