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What is holistic health?

Holistic health is an intentional way of living that encourages whole person wellness. This lifestyle focuses on actively promoting ease and healthy living instead of simply reacting to and treating sickness or disease. That means doing our best to maintain balance in what I refer to the 5 Fit Factors: physical, mental, emotional, financial, and relationships.

Like the fingers on our hands or the toes on our feet each one of these five areas represents a small but crucial component of who we are in this reality. They are extensions of our being. Take one away and the being can still exist, in thought or form, but if we are whole and cared for our wellness can thrive and we are better aligned with our true purpose and pleasure in life. What does this look like in real every day life?

Consider that one does not have to have perfect feet to wear shoes and one does not have to have perfect hands to wear gloves. The same goes for each of these factors because there is no perfect! We simply require the correct fit for our individual needs! Get what I mean? I have anxiety, I am aware I have anxiety, so I use tools and resources to reduce or eliminate anxiety and care for my mental wellbeing. My tools work for me and may not work for you. I have 3 children, and one grand, I interact with each one of them differently and it requires my full attention to work on each relationship. Whether I am Beyoncé or Sarah Foster I still have to be the master of my finances and not let my finances run wild.

As a holistic health coach my goal is to help you overcome the limiting belief that wellness is difficult, expensive, or only for the privileged. Wellness is a birthright of every being on this planet and the resources and tools we need to be well should be easy to access, that is why I share this blog. I want you to see that holistic health isnt some far away idea, it's as close to you as the nails on your toes.


Hi my name is Sarah and I am so glad you are here! I am a Transformational Life Coach located in Central FL, working with women locally and around the world, to align with our ultimate purpose and pleasure in life. Head over to our private Facebook group and join us!


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