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Remixing Independence Day

“Once you become an adult it becomes apparent that no one is going to continue to take care of you, you must begin the work of caring for yourself.

As a young adult this can be very overwhelming! We seek out things, people, and places that feel “grown” and independent. We live freely, shake our asses, make amazing memories, and nurse hang overs and heart break.

But as we navigate away from youth and what no longer serves us. We then have to steer towards that which will allow us the growth and freedom we’ve craved all along. The recklessness is no longer fulfilling and boundaries are erected to keep out the “wack”.

We’re grown folk now, this childish shit just ain’t gonna cut it any more. It’s time to level up, it’s time to start walking the talk to reach the freedom we crave. Reject what is no longer giving life and begin to live in fullness that allows us to have everything we LOVE.

It’s Independence Day, baby, and it’s time the grown folk step out to The Porch and claim what’s ours!” courtesy Porch Peer Guide Sarah

Event: Remixing Independence Day

Dates: 7/4-7/11

Suggested Donation: $150

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