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Regroup, don’t retreat.

Where have you retreated in life? What areas were you determined would be ooey gooey good for you but the circumstances didn’t line up just as you expected? This little moment with my son made me take inventory of what areas of my life I have surrendered and looked at with frustration, wishing they’d be something better. Over the years I have recognized those abandoned dreams dont look the same after years of disregard but I have been able to regroup and rescue those dreams. I have been able to breath life back into my spirit care and my health and realized that regrouping and moving forward towards the me I want to be is better than giving up and staying in my bedroom with an empty belly. Things have changed over the years, I am no longer married, I am not working in the field I have my degree in, and I don’t own a mansion yet but I have lost 60 pounds, gained enormous amounts of faith and I am the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been.

I became a women’s wellness coach for this very reason, living life empty and in isolation is no way for any woman to live. I am overjoyed anytime a sister friend reaches out to me to share their journey out of that lonely space and into their joyous, authentic, and whole self. I’d love to share the journey with you! Head over to our Facebook group, Chop Chop and become a member of the community. Its free and a safe space, just for us. See you there!

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