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Praying Sacred Pipe

Wekiwa state park

On Sunday January 30th the Let's Talk with Sarah community went international as we enjoyed a virtual discussion with Tabata Gerk, our dear friend and medicine woman from Brazil. Tabata is a psychotherapist with a masters in psychology and in her work she bridges the gap between ancestral knowledge and contemporary understandings of the human psyche. She does this by helping us tap into our most basic and primal understandings of our connections to our mind , body, spirit, and earth.

I enjoyed our 1hr talk not only because it was international but because our guests were encouraged to engage in this Q&A and there were many great questions. We discussed spiritual care and what spiritual minimalism looks like. We also disused what makes a plant sacred for use, we discussed what types of plants can be used for healing certain aliments, and we even discussed herbal healing for teens and young adults. My favorite part was when I really got to understand how the traditional healing practices Tabata uses were intentionally cultivated centuries ago to bring participants into true alignment with creator and creation. We are divine spiritual beings deserving of all our hearts desire and we can tap into that by using our tools!

Traditional healing tools can include plant medicine such as sacred tobacco and sacred cocoa to communicate with Source because both non-commercialized plants are small batch cultivated, hand crafted with intention, and without additional chemicals. These plants come pure from the earth to bring their healing knowledge to our bodies as we honor and respect the plant we use. As Tabata explained "we do not smoke tobacco, we pray tobacco" this intentional meditation is a practice in self and spiritual care.

We invite you to join us for an intimate indepth experience on February 12th during which Tabata will take us on a exploration of rich traditional practices of indigenous peoples and explains how we can bring these practices into our own home to cultivate a more powerful connection with the plants of the earth, our the wellness of our physical bodies, and the the enlightenment of our spiritual bodies.


Hi my name is Sarah and I am so glad you are here! I am a Transformational Life Coach located in Central FL, working with women locally and around the world, to align with our ultimate purpose and pleasure in life. We'd love for you to join our community, head over our Facebook group and join us!

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