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Our Compound Update

How does progress happen? One uncomfortable step at a time!

Our Compound is growing and changing and I am continually thankful for all the physical labor put in by Courtney Crosslin!

The Porch is a virtual space which was founded as a safe space for women to come together in intimate discussion to remember who they are, what they are capable of, and how they can change the future. My first visit to The Porch in 2019 was life changing, I went into the 7 day experience with open expectations but completely clueless to the possibilities. Since that time I have become a part of the community that supports The Porch and have watched as it evolves to serve the women around us.

If you have followed the journey you'll recall how we began in September 2021. Windows were ordered for the space to get ready for cold Oklahoma winters. Water, gas, and plumbing were updated along with kitchen and bathroom fixtures to make the space livable. In November several local ladies came to "sit on the porch", plant some loving energy, and invest some laughs, sweat, and sore muscles into Our Compound as they painted and assisted with repairs.

As we get ready for spring of 2022 I am excited to see the final touches come together while we prepare for a Gathering in May. Many of the Porch Peer Guides, including myself, will make a trip to visit our space and hold an in person Porch session. If you've attended a virtual experience you will know that many of our guests have requested an opportunity to connect irl and now its finally happening! Keep an eye on the blog for updates and details on how you can join us.

3 Ways to Get Involved

1) Visit to learn more or click here for financial support options

2) Spread the word by sharing with others on social media, emails, newsletters, etc. ESPECIALLY if you’ve been a Guest on The Porch, we'd love to hear from you! Click here for a sample message.

3) Come get dirty with Courtney to help restore/renovate the SPACE. If you’re genuinely interested, message her to find out where the space is located.


Hi my name is Sarah and I am so glad you are here! I am a Transformational Life Coach located in Central FL, working with women locally and around the world, to align with our ultimate purpose and pleasure in life. We'd love for you to join our community, head over our Facebook group and join us!

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