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Our Compound Update

In September I introduced you to The Porch and my life changing experience in that space. I also made the announcement that this virtual space is now becoming a physical reality! Creator Courtney Crosslin is still in the process of making over a physical space in Oklahoma that has been lovingly named Our Compound. This space will serve as an extension of the virtual space so many women have come to know and love since it was dreamed of way back in 2016.

Some of the ladies recently visited Our Compound and left their love in the place. Courtney was able to literally sit on the porch with a few folks as well as put in some sweat, music, and laughter to fill the rooms. The energetic blueprint is already being laid.

So far, new windows have been delivered, the bathroom fixtures have been touched up, along with paint and repairs in several rooms, and the heat is on! We are thankful for the continued support of our community and look forward to current opportunities for you to work with us in this build. Several rooms have already been named after folks who have poured life into the vision and there is room for more, including yours!

If you'd like to contribute to life and growth of a "launch space for sovereign thinkers, wayshowers, trailblazers, organizers, and healers who are answering their calling and need respite", than join us!

3 Ways to Get Involved

1) Visit to learn more or click here for financial support options

2) Spread the word by sharing with others on social media, emails, newsletters, etc. ESPECIALLY if you’ve been a Guest on The Porch, we'd love to hear from you! Click here for a sample message.

3) Come get dirty with Courtney to help restore/renovate the SPACE. If you’re genuinely interested, message her to find out where the space is located.

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