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National HIV Testing Day – June 27

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Safe sex is the best kind of sex to have. I know that sounds like some outdated after school special tagline (if you don't know what an after school special is we need to talk) but I believe it 100% because healthy sexual experiences is part of holistic reproductive health. I encourage self love but if we're going to have a partner or more its important to protect ourselves. With so many ways to protect ourselves from STIs in the year 2022 there's no excuse to take a risk with your health and safety.

There are more than 1.2 million people living with HIV in the U.S. and there are more than 35,000 new infections each year. Take steps to prevent the transmission of HIV for yourself and your partner and get tested if or when you engage with a new partner. Knowing your HIV status is another way to take control of your reproductive health. The only way to know your status is to get tested. HIV testing is free, easy, fast, and confidential. Find a testing location near you:


Sarah Foster is a Holistic Wellness Educator and Doula in Altamonte Spring, FL that provides whole person wellness education along with Full Spectrum Doula support for all birthing peoples. This support includes providing thoughtful emotional, spiritual, and physical support before, during, and after pregnancy and pregnancy loss. If you or someone you love in interested in support let's connect! I look forward to connecting!

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