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How can I help you?

Hi, my name is Sarah Foster, nice to meet you!

I am a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach as well as a Certified Aromatherapist, I specialize in working with women to discover the root cause of their dis - ease in life. This means I work with women who experience poor sleep, persistent stomach problems, undesired weight, or anxiety related to healthy relationships, and emotional distress due to this thing we call life. As a mother of 3 I often find myself working with mothers who are seeking to better their relationship with themselves in order to improve their relationship with their children and/or partners but seeking to better align with your authentic purpose and true happiness in life isnt just for moms, all women deserve to be whole.

In 2019 I began the greatest journey of my life, the journey back to me! I didnt know it at the time but, 2 years ago this month I joined a virtual women's wellness retreat that changed the course of my life. I discovered a group of like minded and like hearted women who told me I was not alone in many of the frustrated feelings I'd struggled with for years. They laughed with me, they cried with me, they joked with me, and most importantly they held me accountable. I felt safe to begin to shift my life in ways that allowed me to experience true joy and pleasure in life and that led to incredible freedom.

Experiencing such personal freedom during the year of a pandemic can be very confusing. Experiencing any sort of major lift change can be challenging! I lost over 70lbs and became healthier, I was blessed financially, and I was able to safely travel when I had never been able to travel before. I am thankful for my community or "tribe" as we say, they have helped me remember my child-like thirst for life that I long forgot about. I forgot who I was, what I loved about me, and how I enjoyed life but I found that when I started focusing on my wellness.

So, how can I help you? What parts and pieces of yourself have you forgotten and how can I help you get those pieces back into the puzzle of your life? I truly believe we are all on this planet to enjoy our true pleasure and purpose in life and I'd love to help you find yours. Contact me for details, a Discover-Me Consultation is always free.

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