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Hear me out…Playing with and Unpacking the Fear of Lacking

by Nikki Rouse

Recently I played with what I perceived to be the circumstances of my life. When I say play, I mean more specifically that I imagined a scenario so far fetched that I didn’t leave myself any room to doubt or believe that I would lack in any way and not reach my goals. It was scary. I experienced anxiety. There were some sleepless nights. So, I’m definitely not saying that it was easy (at first) but below I’d like to offer some tips on ways to start signaling the Universe that you don’t fear lack and trust that all of your needs will be met. Especially when nothing looks like you think it should. And for the record “it” is whatever your stuff is. Relationships. Goals. Hopes. Dreams…

There will be:

* A letting go of expectations.

*A reassurance that nothing can go wrong because no matter what everything will work itself out no matter what you decide and why should it?

*A trust that you do in fact deserve (insert your thing)

So you:

Play a bit-it’s your game and you make the rules so decide how it’s gonna be and practice making it so.

Test your faith by practicing positive expectations.

Know AND honor your self recognized limits.

Then push them to where you feel comfortable and it’s believable for YOU.

Be honest with yourself about why you believe that you have to receive things in a certain/specific way.

Ask yourself:

Why don’t you identify with deserving things to be easy?

Who/what told you it has to be hard? That struggle is necessary for your reward?

Why don’t you deserve ease? Why does it only count of you’ve suffered for it or worked really hard?

Know that:

It can take some time to answer these questions for yourself. And that’s ok. Because this isn’t a race against anyone. It’s an honest embracing of self worth.


Looking to connect with Nikki? Chat with her on this topic where she breaks down each of the above points in detail with her personal examples message her #signal at

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