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Empowering Awareness: Understanding and Addressing Preeclampsia

Updated: May 26

Welcome, friends! Long time no talk! Today, we're delving into the world of preeclampsia – a topic close to the hearts of many expecting parents. Join us as we explore what preeclampsia means for maternal health, why awareness matters, and how we can advocate for holistic care during Preeclampsia Awareness Month.

Unveiling Preeclampsia:

Preeclampsia isn't your run-of-the-mill pregnancy hiccup. It's more like a storm brewing on the horizon, with high blood pressure and protein in the urine as the telltale signs. However beyond the clinical definition, preeclampsia is a reminder of the importance of holistic health care for expecting parents.

A Call for Advocacy:

As we discuss preeclampsia, let's not forget the broader picture. It disproportionately affects marginalized communities, shining a spotlight on existing healthcare disparities. It's a call to action for advocacy, pushing for equitable access to prenatal care and support services for all.

Navigating Risk and Prevention:

Now, let's talk strategy. How can we navigate the risks of preeclampsia and work towards prevention? It starts with regular prenatal care with a trusted provider – someone you feel comfortable talking to and asking any question is a valuable compass in the journey of pregnancy. Embrace a holistic approach to wellness, nourishing your body with wholesome foods whenever possible, regular movement, and daily mindfulness practices. And if you have pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, or kidney disease, managing them alongside your healthcare provider is key.

smiling pregnant woman wearing head cover, long white shirt, and jeans pointing at text that reads preeclampsia is a serious condition that can develop during pregnancy, but there are ways to manage and reduce your risk.

Empowering Choices:

In the toolkit of prevention, consider the role of low-dose aspirin and calcium supplements under medical guidance. These options empower individuals to take an active role in their health journey while partnering with their healthcare providers for personalized care plans.

Supporting Wellness Beyond Birth:

Preeclampsia doesn't end with delivery. Postpartum care is just as crucial, ensuring individuals receive the support and monitoring they need as they navigate the early days of parenthood. Let's advocate for comprehensive care that extends beyond childbirth, supporting wellness in body, mind, and spirit.

Raising Awareness, Spreading Hope:

May is our moment to shine a light on preeclampsia, to amplify awareness and spread hope. Together, let's raise our voices in advocacy, ensuring that every expecting parent receives the care and support they deserve.


As we conclude our journey into the world of preeclampsia, let's carry forward the spirit of advocacy and holistic care. By standing together, advocating for equitable access to care, and embracing holistic health principles, we can create a brighter, healthier future for all pregnancies. If you are pregnant or postpartum and want to know your particular risk for preeclampsia I urge you to speak with a your trusted healthcare provider. Message me for a list of questions to ask your provider and become an empowered participant in your care.


Sarah Foster is a Holistic Wellness Educator, Family Life Coach, and Full Spectrum Doula in Altamonte Spring, FL. This blog provides whole person wellness education along with a full spectrum of resources for all birthing outcomes. Any information shared should be used as a resource and not a source of medical advice. If you or someone you love is interested in support let's connect today!

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