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Community Building

When I was first invited to The Porch it was the end of 2019. I had just ended a three year relationship and was devastated, although I really should have seen the collapse coming it didn't make the end easier. 

This person that I loved with the depths of my being abruptly changed our lives and I was confused, hurt, angry, and isolated. See I had recently moved to the area and my partner was my only "friend" within 5 miles so not having him or anyone around during the holidays was even harder for me.

Then I stumbled upon an Instagram post by Courtney...I'll confess I can only recall that the post was related to the amazing wood pieces she creates. I don't remember much more but I know that something about her work reached out and touched me so I was very grateful to get an invite to hang out with her on The Porch.

In my own words, my visit to The Porch was life changing. I went into the 7 day experience with open expectations but completely clueless to the possibilities. 

I had no clue that within a week I would rediscover myself and begin to rebuild my broken spirit after such a difficult break up and even more beautiful was the opportunity to continue to become stronger emotionally and spiritually.

That 7 day experience was the beginning of the end for toxic behaviors, triggers, and self sabotaging and milestone in my healing journey to living an authentic life full of pleasure and purpose. 

Since that time I have been honored to become a Porch Peer Guide and I have the privilege of walking with women during their rediscovery of self. I am thankful to see their continued growth over time and see how their self-actualization positively impacts everyone and everything around them. Watching the light return to a woman's eyes is a blessing. 


The Porch is an energy, it's a vibe, it's a community of women and fems and now it is becoming a physical reality! Creator Courtney Crosslin is currently in the process of rehabing a physical space that has been lovingly named Our Compound and will serve as an extension of the space so many women have come to know and love since 2018.

I believe this space will be a restorative place full of learning and unlearning, love, laughter, and tears and I am fully invested in seeing come to life.

If you would like to join us on this exciting adventure head over to Facebook to find Let's Talk with Sarah or check out the steps below. We've seen amazing transformation to the building during the first few weeks of construction and there are plenty of updates that we look forward to sharing with you! 

3 Ways to Get Involved

1) Visit to learn more or click here for financial support options

2) Spread the word by sharing with others (ESPECIALLY) if you’ve been a Guest on The Porch. Click here for a sample message.

3) Come get dirty with Courtney to help restore/renovate the SPACE. If you’re genuinely interested, message her to find out where the space is located.

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