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Calendula and Lavender Infused Oil

Creating infused oil includes combining a "carrier oil" along with fresh or dry plant materials for an extended amount of time in order to extract oils, scent, flavor, color, and additional properties for use in food preparation or skin care.

What is a carrier oil? Simply an oil to "carry" the essence of the plant material in an easier way. Common carrier oils include olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba, sunflower, hemp seed, grapeseed, and more.

Infused oils can be used to add flavor and depth to recipes made at home. Garlic infused oil is delicious, one can also give rosemary, cilantro, or citrus infused oil a try! Most plants that can be eaten are suitable to be used when infusing a carrier oil. I would suggest starting with herbs or veggies that you have to use before they go bad and experimenting with flavors you enjoy.

There are several ways to infuse oil depending on what you need at the time. I often use heat to create quick infusions however soaking herbs in a carrier oil for 2-3 weeks is a gentler way to extract plant properties and is viable alternative method. Check out the video for details on how I created this blend let me know if you have more questions!


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