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Autumn Equinox

This year on September 22nd, the day time hours will be equal to the night time hours as summer comes to an end and we begin “fall” in the northern hemisphere. We will welcome the autumn equinox; “equinox” comes from the Latin words aequi, which means "equal," and nox, which means "night." I can already see the changes happening, the sun is rising later and later in the morning and its becoming harder for me to get up on time!

Many cultures celebrate this time of year by centering fresh produce in meals, enjoying celebrations honoring loved ones passed on, and in some communities people begin to prepare food for extended storage (canning or freezing) during the colder months. In Florida it doesn't mean a huge change in weather but we enjoy days no longer in the 90s which means I have more liberty to bake without being too hot in my apartment. I recently made a very simple berry crisp that was quick to make and super satisfying!

We also have a full moon in Pisces on September 2oth and although we dont always pay attention to it, humans and animals really do tend to shift our lives in ways that correspond to the phases of the moon. After all this celestial body has a large impact on the earth and those who live on it. Have you ever heard old sayings related to the moon such as “wolves howl at the full moon”, “babies are born during the full moon” or “the freaks come out at night”?

I enjoy these sayings as I know very well that there is always a bit of truth in each story. The full moon in Pisces this month brings the opportunity to connect with our higher-self as Pisces is an intuitive, spiritual sign. Once tapped into our higher selves we may be surprised at the messages we receive! Dont get swept away with the emotions of this time, remember to stay grounded and open to the changing of the season as we prepare of winter.

What conscious shifts can we make to prepare for the next season? With the Virgo energy at the end of the month, consider what tangible steps you can take to move energy in and out of your environment. Switching up your cleaning routine to make chores less time consuming and more enjoyable is one option to bring life into your space. Or perhaps you want to establish a new self care routine so consider making a list of new self care activities you can begin to incorporate into your daily routines. This time is about balancing your spiritual with your physical and how we can bring our dreams to life be integrating every part of us.


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