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my name is Sarah!

I love a good fish taco, kayaking, and talking about birth for hours! I began my journey of educating and advocating over 20 years ago when I became a young mother and found myself relying on the compassion and understanding of wise women in my neighborhood...

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Work with me to gain the education, support, and confidence you need for your birthing year.

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Childbirth Education

Are you pregnant or preparing for the arrival of your new baby? Congratulations! Lets work together to create the pregnancy, birth, and newborn stage you desire.

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Pregnancy Coaching

Are you seeking to have a healthy, happy, and supported pregnancy? Lets work together to create a personalized physical, mental, and spiritual wellness plan that empowers you to be the most aligned version of you, that you can be.

mom resting next to her sleeping newborn

4th Trimester Support

Practical and emotional  in-home support for parents with newborns. Perfect for new, experienced, or adoptive parents.

Coming Up Next

In person or online opportunities to connect and grow!

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    Mark your calendars and come be a part of our nurturing community. I look forward to supporting you and celebrating the beautiful journey of motherhood together.


Frequently asked questions about childbirth education and doula support

What is a Full Spectrum Doula?

A full spectrum doula is a non-medically trained community care worker who offers support to people during the full spectrum of pregnancy – from preconception, to birth, abortion, miscarriage, adoption,  and postpartum. Full spectrum birth workers actively practice being open and aware of the diverse reproductive needs and experiences people have, in light of their identity, background, preferences, lived experiences, and so on.

Is a Doula the same as a Midwife?

A doula and a midwife are not the same and in the state of Florida it is against the law for anyone who is not licensed to perform the duties of providing prenatal or postnatal healthcare support which may include "delivering" or "catching" a baby. A Midwife is a medical professional that is trained and licensed to provide physical health and safety care for you and your baby.  At birth Midwives may be found doing similar things as a Doula might, such as providing emotional encouragement and physical support but their top priorities include:  assessing you and your baby for progress and health, completing wellness exams, administering medication if necessary, catching and assessing baby during and after birth.

Is a Doula like a Nanny?

No, a Doula is not like a Nanny. A Doula is an experienced, often trained, allied health professional who is an expert in birth, postpartum, and early newborn stages. A Doula may provide newborn care during a visit to your home or they may interact with older siblings, but their ultimate goal is to facilitate parental/newborn bonding as parent(s) transition into parenting their new child. I personally do not babysit nor transport children without their parents being present at all times, however some Doulas do offer additional support in that area. 

When should I hire a Doula?

The earlier the better! Many Doulas limit the number of clients they accept each month in order to provide dedicated support to each family. Its also important to note that in addition to the support offered, many Doulas also offer additional resources, access to referrals, childbirth education, birth planning and comfort measures, and more! The earlier you begin to work with your doula the more benefits you can enjoy.

Who benefits from hiring a Childbirth Educator or Doula?

Anyone who would like to start a family! Doulas and Childbirth Educators or CBEs provide informational, educational, and emotional support for a wide range of reproductive experiences including TTC, pregnancy, pregnancy loss or abortion, birth, and postpartum. Multiple randomized control studies consistently show that this support is associated with more satisfying pregnancy experiences, less use of epidurals and other pain medications in childbirth, and as much as a 50% reduction in unnecessary surgical births. Research has also shown that Doulas support a better clinical outcome for both the birthing parent and baby during the birth and postpartum stage by acting as a natural form of pain reduction, brining comfort to birthing people, and being vigilant of  potential health risks after birth. A Doula also often provides support for the mother or birthing person's partner and family members to help everyone have an easier transition to life with a new family member.

Does a Doula replace my partner or other support persons?

A Doula is another member of your team and is not intended to replace anyone. A Doula's involvement may help partners and spouses be more present during your birth and postpartum experience because a Doula can teach your partner or support person how and when to use various comfort techniques to assist you. Partners and other support persons are often grateful to be able to share the “coaching” responsibility with someone and can therefore enjoy the time with their loved one more.

Interested in having a Doula support you?


Word on the Street

"You were absolutely amazing! You kept me sane and made sure I knew 'my body my choice' I was scared and felt like the doctor only wanted to do what was convenient for her and  you made sure I knew otherwise. And baby girl was born healthy on her due date. 


The other tips that were really helpful was the magnesium and green leaf tea. I believe the tea did the trick. 


Without connecting with you I probably would have been induced and not even needed to be."

Things always tell you to cover and steep but they never say why! You changed my ife in under a minute lol I LOVE tea on a regular but I loosely cover it if ever. Never thought of it losing its nutritional value so thank you!

I absolute LOVE this class! I think everyone should take this birth planning class before they have a baby. Even if they are gonna take medicine for labor at least know what else you can do to help yourself!

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